Alaska - HE K-12 curriculum—ES: Curricula

Policy Type: 
statute; regulation

State law recommends elementary HE curriculum, or requires HE for less than all years of elementary school.

AS 14.30.360

(a) Each district in the state public school system shall be encouraged to initiate and conduct a program in health education for kindergarten through grade 12. The program should include instruction in physical health and personal safety including alcohol and drug abuse education, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), early cancer prevention and detection, dental health, family health including infant care, environmental health, the identification and prevention of child abuse, child abduction, neglect, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, and appropriate use of health services.

4 AAC 04.140. Content standards

(a) The content standards for science, geography, government and citizenship, history, Alaska history, skills for a healthy life, arts, world languages, technology, and employability, as set out in the department's publication Alaska Standards: Content and Performance Standards for Alaska Students, revised as of March 2016, are adopted by reference.

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