Kansas - HE K-12 curriculum—ES: Curricula

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statute; regulation

State law requires elementary HE curriculum.

K.S.A. 72-3214 Required subjects in elementary schools.

Every accredited elementary school shall teach reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, spelling, English grammar and composition, history of the United States and of the state of Kansas, civil government and the duties of citizenship, health and hygiene, together with such other subjects as the state board may determine. The state board shall be responsible for the selection of subject matter within the several fields of instruction and for its organization into courses of study and instruction for the guidance of teachers, principals and superintendents.

K.A.R. 91-31-32. Performance and quality criteria.

(a) Each school shall be assigned its accreditation status based upon the extent to which the school has met the performance and quality criteria established by the state board in this regulation.
(c) The quality criteria shall consist of the following quality measures, which shall be required to be in place at each school:

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