Mississippi - HE K-12 curriculum—ES: Curricula

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statute; regulation

State law requires elementary HE curriculum.

Mississippi Code. § 37-161-7 Wellness curriculum to be developed by State Board of Education; board shall adopt implementation rules and regulations

The State Board of Education shall develop a wellness curriculum for use by each school district and the board shall establish rules and regulations to be followed by the districts whereby the districts shall implement the curriculum. Such wellness curriculum shall include educating students about the value of exercise, proper diet and abstinence from use of tobacco and alcohol.

Mississippi Code. § 37-13-135 Implementation of program by school boards; local health education council; cooperation by school boards of school districts; implementation and development of plans by Commission on School Accreditation

(1) In addition to all other authority, duties and powers the school boards of the school districts of this state may now have, each is authorized and empowered to adopt plans for the implementation of the Comprehensive School Health Education Program into the local school curriculum.

Title 7. Part 3. Chapter 38: Healthy and Safe Schools

a. Successful implementation of Physical Education and Comprehensive Health Education must include the following:

  • i. 150 minutes per week of instruction through a combination of physical education, physical activity, and activity based instruction
  • ii. 45 minutes per week of health educationiii. Fitness testing in grade 5 (See Appendix)
    Source: State of Mississippi Secretary of State

Mississippi Contemporary Health (K-8) Curriculum

Contemporary Health (K-8) Content Strands/Topics:

Personal and Consumer Health (PH) (CH)
Nutrition and Fitness (N)
Mental Health (M)
Substance Abuse Prevention (SA)
Family/Social Health (F)
Community and Environmental Health (C)
Human Growth and Development (H)
Safety and First Aid (S)
Disease Prevention and Control (D)
Source: State of Mississippi Secretary of State

Mississippi Code. § 37-13-134. Legislative recommendations and intent; guidelines; physical activity coordinator; qualifications; duties; study

(1) The Legislature recognizes that there is a problem with Mississippi student inactivity and obesity, and therefore requires the following guidelines for school district physical education, health education and physical activity and fitness classes:

  • (a) Kindergarten through Grade 8: One hundred fifty (150) minutes per week of physical activity-based instruction and forty-five (45) minutes per week of health education instruction, as defined by the State Board of Education.

Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards

The curriculum of each elementary or middle school (any configuration of grades K-8) at a minimum consists of reading/language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, health education, and physical education, which may be taught by a regular classroom teacher. {Miss. Code Ann. § 37-1-3(2) and § 37-13-134}
Source: State of Mississippi Secretary of State

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