New York - HE K-12 curriculum—health eating/nutrition (ES): Curricula

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statute; regulation

State law addresses healthy eating/nutrition.

Public Health Consolidated Laws Section 2599-B

  1. The childhood obesity prevention program shall include, but not be limited to:
    • (b) establishing school-based childhood obesity prevention nutrition education and physical activity programs including programs described in section twenty-five hundred ninety-nine-c of this article.

8 CRR-NY 135.1

(j) Health education means instruction in understandings, attitudes and behavior in regard to the several dimensions of health. This instruction relates to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, safety, mental health, nutrition, dental health, sensory perception, disease prevention and control, environmental and public health, consumer health, first aid, and other health-related areas.
Source: New York Codes, Rules and Regulations

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