Utah - HE K-12 curriculum—health eating/nutrition (ES): Curricula

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State law addresses healthy eating/nutrition.

Utah State Office of Education: Elementary Core Curriculum. Responsible Healthy Lifestyles 3-6.

Core Standards of the Course: Nutrition and Fitness

Standard 6: The students will understand how a healthy diet and exercise can increase the likelihood of physical and mental wellness.

Objective 1: Compare personal eating habits with a balanced diet. *NU

  • a. Record daily food intake.
  • b. Determine a balanced diet based on the Food Guide Pyramid.

Objective 2: Identify nutrient groups and the key functions of each. *NU

  • a. Identify nutrient groups; i.e., proteins, fats, water, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals.
  • b. Name foods rich in key nutrients.
  • c. Define the functions of basic nutrient groups.

Objective 3: Examine the dangers of dysfunctional eating.

  • a. Identify common reasons for dieting; e.g., health, peer pressure, unhappy with looks and/or size, weight loss.
  • b. Predict the effect fad diets may have on health.

Objective 4: Assess personal fitness level. (PE)

  • a. Measure heart rate.
  • b. Record the results of participation in aerobic, strength, endurance, and flexibility testing.
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