Louisiana - HE K-12 curriculum—HS: Curricula

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regulation; statute

State law requires high school HE curriculum.

Louisiana Administrative Code Title 28 Part LIX §309. Requirements

Grades 9-12: In order to graduate from high school, public school students must earn a 1/2 unit in health education (LAC 28:CXV.2319.C). A minimum of 3863 minutes of health instruction shall be taught (LAC 28:CXV.907.C). Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) (LAC 28:CXV.2347.B) and instruction in adoption awareness must be taught during health education

Louisiana Administrative Code Title 28 Part LXXIX §2319 Health and Physical Education

Two units of health and physical education shall be required for graduation. They shall be health and physical education I and health and physical education II, or adapted physical education for eligible special education students.

Louisiana Revised Statutes §17:154. Curriculum; length of school periods

Every secondary school shall provide instruction in alcohol, tobacco, drug, and substance abuse prevention and education.
Source: Louisiana State Legislature

Louisiana Administrative Code Title 28 Part LXXIX §2109. High School Graduation Requirements

  1. Health and physical education--2 units.
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