Utah - HE K-12 curriculum—mental and emotional health (ES): Curricula

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State law addresses mental and emotional health.

Utah State Office of Education: Elementary Core Curriculum. Responsible Healthy Lifestyles 3-6.

Core Standards of the Course: Healthy Self

Standard 1: The students will learn ways to improve mental health and manage stress.

Objective 1: Demonstrate responsibility for self and actions.

  • a. Identify personal responsibilities.
  • b. Predict the consequences of neglecting responsibilities; e.g., increased stress, poor grades, punishment, no sense of accomplishment, impact on other people.
  • c. Report the outcomes of completing responsibilities; e.g., sense of accomplishment, feeling good, contribution to cause, less stress.
  • d. Determine how good decision making can help complete responsibilities.

Objective 2: Recognize why acceptance of self and others is important for the development of positive attitudes. *PD

  • a. Determine the benefits of accepting self and others.
  • b. Determine the benefits of having positive attitudes.
  • c. Describe the relation between acceptance and attitude
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