West Virginia - HE K-12 curriculum—mental and emotional health (ES): Curricula

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State law addresses mental and emotional health.

Code of State Rules 126-44T-4 Summary of the Content Standards and Objectives


Students in grades Pre-K-4 are introduced to the wellness concept which builds the foundation for health literacy and an appreciation for lifelong physical fitness. It is critical that children learn to adopt healthy behaviors at an early age so they can develop sound habits before being faced with health concerns later in life. This is a life-long process of enhancing the components of health education (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental), physical education (movement forms, motor skill development and fitness) and physical activity, an important factor in early brain development and learning. The PreK-4 wellness content standards identify what students should know, understand and be able to do in practicing skills and behaviors that apply to healthy lifestyles. The goal of these standards is to promote self-responsibility,motivation and excellence in learning as well as life-long commitment to wellness.

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