Nevada - HE K-12 curriculum—mental and emotional health (MS): Curricula

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State law addresses mental and emotional health.

Nevada Administrative Code 389.381 Sixth through eighth grades: Health.

Instruction in sixth grade, seventh grade and eighth grade in health must be designed so that pupils meet the following performance standards by the completion of the eighth grade:

  1. Comprehend concepts related to the promotion of health and the prevention of disease to enhance health, as demonstrated by the ability of the pupil to:
    • (a) Analyze the relationship between behaviors concerning the health of a person and personal health;
    • (b) Identify the behaviors of a person that affect the function and development of the systems of the human body, including, without limitation, the human reproductive system in accordance with NRS 389.036;
    • (c) Explain the interrelationships between the physical, emotional, intellectual and social health in adolescence;
    • (d) Define personal boundaries and clear personal limits for the pupil;
    • (e) Respect the personal boundaries and clear personal limits of other persons;
    • (f) Describe how age, gender, physical activity, lifestyle and heredity affect the nutrient needs of a person;
    • (g) Analyze the use of a substance that is beneficial to a person and the use of a substance that is harmful to a person;
    • (h) Develop a plan for personal safety to reduce or prevent injuries;
    • (i) Examine the likelihood that a person will suffer a serious injury or illness if the person engages in behaviors that increase the risk of such an injury or illness;
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