Utah - HE K-12 curriculum—personal health and wellness (ES): Curricula

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State law addresses personal health and wellness.

Utah State Office of Education: Elementary Core Curriculum. Responsible Healthy Lifestyles 3-6.

Core Standards of the Course: Disease Prevention and HIV/AIDS Education

Standard 4: The students will understand concepts related to health promotion
and disease prevention.

Objective 1: Tell why HIV is difficult to contract and usually does not affect children.

  • a. List ways that people cannot contract HIV.
  • b. Identify ways people can avoid coming in contact with blood.

Objective 2: Demonstrate decision-making and Refusal Skills® for HIV prevention. *PD

  • a. List reasons to avoid contact with blood.
  • b. Identify, avoid, manage, or escape situations involving blood-to-blood contact.

Objective 3: Demonstrate proper personal hygiene and universal precautions.

  • a. Demonstrate proper hand washing.
  • b. Recognize importance of never touching another person’s blood and other body fluids.
  • c. Describe procedure to follow in the event of a blood spill.
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