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statute; standard

State law addresses safety and injury.

Kentucky Revised Statutes 158.302 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training required for high school students

(2) Every public high school shall provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation training to students as part of the health course or the physical education course that is required for high school graduation or the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps course that meets the physical education requirement. The training shall:

  • (a) Be based on the American Heart Association’s Guidelines for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care or other nationally recognized, evidenced-based guidelines;

  • (b) Incorporate psychomotor skills training to support cognitive learning; and

  • (c) Make students aware of the purpose of an automated external defibrillator and its ease and safety of use.

Kentucky Academic Standards for High School Health Education

3.PL-H-S: Safety (Health Education)

Big Idea:

Accients are a major cause of injury and death to children and adolescents. Unintentional injuries involving motor vehicles, falls, drowning, fires, firearms, and poisons can occur at home, school and work. Safe behavior protects a person from danger and lessens the effects of harmful situations.

Academic Expectations

2.31 Students demonstrate the knowledge and skills they need to remain physically healthy and to accept responsibility for their own physical well-being

2.33 Students demonstrate the skills to evaluate and use services and resources available in their community

3.2 Students will demonstrate the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle

4.3 Students individually demonstrate consistent, responsive and caring behavior

4.4 Students demonstrate the ability to accept the rights and responsibilities for self and others

5.1 Students use skills such as analyzing, prioritizing, categorizing, evaluating and comparing to solve a variety of problems in real-life situations

5.4 Students use a decision-making process to make informed decisions among options
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