Alabama - HE K-12 curriculum—SEL (HS): Curricula

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State law addresses social and emotional learning.

Alabama Course of Study: Health Education Conceptual Framework

The K-12 health education curriculum addresses the six dimensions of health and provides balance of content areas and flexibility for inclusion of emerging health topics. The six dimensions of health―physical, mental, emotional, environmental, spiritual, and social―form the outer circle that encompasses the eight health education content strands depicted on the conceptual framework graphic. Though aspects of health for each dimension have been defined in various ways, the most commonly accepted definitions are:

  • Physical – the overall condition of the body, including organs, muscles, and skeletal structure;

  • Mental – the ability to deal effectively with the psychological challenges of life, to take responsibility for personal behaviors, and to feel comfortable with one’s emotions;

  • Emotional – a healthy awareness of and the ability to express one’s feelings;

  • Environmental – an awareness of the influence the environment has on wellness;

  • Spiritual – the belief that one is part of a larger scheme of life, and that one has a healthy purpose in life; and

  • Social – the ability to form supportive relationships and to maintain a sense of well-being.

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