Oklahoma - HE K-12 curriculum—SEL (HS): Curricula

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State law addresses social and emotional learning.

Oklahoma Administrative Codes 210:15-3-143.1 Standard One: Comprehending Concepts in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

(e) Standard One objectives for Grades 9-12. The following objectives apply for students in Grade 9 through Grade 12:

  • (1) Objective 1. Predict how healthy behaviors can affect health status.
  • (2) Objective 2. Describe the interrelationships of emotional, intellectual, physical, and social health.
  • (3) Objective 3. Analyze how environment and personal health are interrelated.
  • (4) Objective 4. Analyze how genetics and family history can impact personal health.
  • (5) Objective 5. Propose ways to reduce or prevent injuries and health problems.
  • (6) Objective 6. Analyze the relationship between access to health care and health status.
  • (7) Objective 7. Compare and contrast the benefits of and barriers to practicing a variety of healthy behaviors.
  • (8) Objective 8. Analyze personal susceptibility to injury, illness or death if engaging in unhealthy behaviors.
  • (9) Objective 9. Analyze the potential severity of injury or illness if engaging in unhealthy behaviors.

Oklahoma Administrative Codes 210:15-3-143.4 Standard Four: Using Communication Skills to Enhance Health and Reduce Risks

(a) Statement of the standard. Students will demonstrate the ability to use interpersonal communication skills enhance health and avoid or reduce health risks.

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