North Carolina - HE K-12 curriculum—SEL (MS): Curricula

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State law addresses social and emotional learning.

North Carolina Essential Standards

Health Education

Course: Mental and Emotional Health

NCES.6.MEH.2 - Analyze the potential outcome of positive stress management techniques.

  • NCES.6.MEH.2.1 - Organize common responses to stressors based on the degree to which they are positive or negative and their likely health outcomes.
  • NCES.6.MEH.2.2 - Differentiate between positive and negative stress management strategies.

NCES.6.MEH.3 - Analyze the relationship between healthy expression of emotions, mental health, and healthy behavior.

  • NCES.6.MEH.3.1 - Interpret failure in terms of its potential for learning and growth.
  • NCES.6.MEH.3.2 - Analyze the relationship between health-enhancing behaviors (communication, goal-setting and decision making) and the ability to cope with failure.
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