West Virginia - HE K-12 curriculum—SEL (MS): Curricula

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State law addresses social and emotional learning.

Code of State Rules 126-44E-5. Severability

Health Education - Policy 2520.5

Standard 4: Communication (HE.S.4)

Effective communication enhances personal, family, and community health. This standard focuses on how responsible individuals use verbal and non-verbal skills to develop and maintain healthy personal relationships. The ability to organize and to convey information and feelings is the basis for strengthening interpersonal interactions and reducing or avoiding conflict.

Code of State Rules 44E Next Generation Health Education 5-12 Content Standards and Objective for West Virginia Schools (252.5)

Eighth Grade Health Content Standards and Objectives

The eighth grade health education objectives provide opportunities for students to practice decision making, communication skills and goal setting in role-played or simulated situations that outline the importance of taking responsibility for individual actions. Consequences of poor decisions are examined closely in relationship to a variety of important risks and strategies to enhance personal health and wellness. Students examine violence prevention and develop strategies to promote safety for themselves and others. Discussion of the negative consequences of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use and sexual activity are important components of the eighth grade health education curriculum.

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