New Jersey - HE K-12 curriculum—violence prevention (ES): Curricula

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State law addresses violence prevention.

New Jersey Statutes 18A:35-4.5. Establishment of program; voluntary participation

One year after the effective date of this act each board of education may establish a sexual assault prevention education program in accordance with the guidelines developed by the department; provided, however, that no child shall be compelled to participate in said program upon written objection on religious or moral grounds by the parent or guardian of said child.

New Jersey Statutes 18A:35-4.23. Domestic violence, child abuse, instruction on those problems

  1. A board of education may include instruction on the problems of domestic violence and child abuse in an appropriate place in the curriculum of elementary school, middle school and high school pupils. The instruction shall enable pupils to understand the psychology and dynamics of family violence, dating violence and child abuse, the relationship of alcohol and drug use to such violence and abuse, the relationship of animal cruelty to such violence and abuse, and to learn methods of non-violent problem-solving.

New Jersey Statutes 18A:35-4.26 Instruction in gang violence prevention; required for elementary school students.

  1. Each board of education that operates an educational program for elementary school students shall offer instruction in gang violence prevention and in ways to avoid membership in gangs. The instruction shall take place as part of the district's implementation of the Core Curriculum Content Standards in Comprehensive Health and Physical Education, and the comprehensive health and physical education curriculum framework shall provide school districts with sample materials that may be used to support implementation of the instructional requirement.
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