Colorado - HE K-12 curriculum—violence prevention (HS): Curricula

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statute; standard

State law addresses violence prevention.

C.R.S. 22-25-103

(4) "High-risk behaviors" means actions by children and adolescents which present a danger to their physical or mental health or which may impede their ability to lead healthy and productive lives. "High-risk behaviors" includes, but is not limited to, dropping out of school, incest and other sexual activity with adults, sexual activity by school aged children, physical and mental abuse, violence, and use of tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs.

Comprehensive Health Health & Physical Education

4. Prevention and Risk Management (Shared Standard)
Includes alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention; violence prevention; and safety; teaches skills to increase safe physical and social behavior in at home, in school, in the community, and in personal relationships; provides specific knowledge on avoidance of intentional and unintentional injuries; and practices decision-making and communication skills to avoid drug use, bullying, and dating violence.
Source: Colorado Department of Education

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