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Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Bullying Prevention—HS

Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Bullying Prevention—HS

State law addresses bullying prevention.

New Mexico Administrative Code Content Standard with Benchmarks and Performance Standard for Health Education Grades 9-12

B. Content standard 2: Students will demonstrate the ability to access valid health information and health-promoting products and services. Students will:

  • (6) grades 9-12 benchmark 6: analyze situations requiring professional health services; grades 9-12 performance Standard:
  • (a) prepare a plan of action for risk behaviors in situations that may lead to negative physical, social or emotional health consequences (i.e., abuse, bullying, sexual assault, mental health, depression, suicide, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, STI/HIV, etc.);
  • (b) analyze situations related to health crises and formulate solutions to intervene or prevent the crisis (i.e., a friend tells you he is thinking about suicide; a friend tells you he is smoking, a friend tells you she is pregnant, etc.);
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New Mexico Statutes 22-35-4A. Bullying prevention programs establishment.

A. Following adoption of a bullying prevention policy, each public school shall:

  • (1) establish an annual bullying prevention program for students included in New Mexico's health education content Standard with benchmarks and performance Standard;
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