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Sexual Health Education Abstinence—ES

Sexual Health Education Abstinence—ES

Topic is not addressed in state statutes or regulations, but is addressed in non-codified policy.

Guam K-12 Content Standard and Performance Indicators

The content Standard are grouped into eight areas: core concepts (health promotion and disease prevention), analyzing influences, accessing information, interpersonal communication, decision making, goal setting, self management, and advocacy skills.

Guam’s prior Standard were organized and named by topic areas. The topics were: Family Life (Sexuality Education), Nutrition, Personal Health (Prevention and Control of Disease, Consumer Health), Community Health, Environmental Health, Mental/Emotional Health, Injury Prevention and Safety, and Substance Use and Abuse. These topic areas have not been eliminated but have been incorporated throughout the Standard, as is evident in the content. What is new about the revised Standard is the organization by skill set as a framework.

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