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Policy Or Plan Requirements
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regulation; statute

State law addresses allergy plan.

6A-6.0251 Use of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors.

(3) In accordance with subsection 64F-6.004(4), F.A.C., the school nurse shall develop an annual IHCP that includes an EAP, in cooperation with the student, parent/guardians, healthcare provider, and school personnel for the student with life-threatening allergies.
(4) The IHCP shall include provisions for child-specific training in accordance with Section 1006.062(4), F.S., to protect the safety of all students from the misuse or abuse of auto-injectors. The EAP component shall specify that the emergency number (911) will be called immediately for an anaphylaxis event and describe a plan of action if the student is unable to perform self-administration of the epinephrine auto-injector.

2018 Florida Statutes 381.88 Emergency allergy treatment.

(3) The purpose of this section is to provide for the certification of persons who administer lifesaving treatment to persons who have severe allergic reactions when a physician is not immediately available.
(4) The department may:

  • (a) Adopt rules necessary to administer this section.
  • (b) Conduct educational training programs as described in subsection (5) and approve programs conducted by other persons or governmental agencies.
  • (c) Issue and renew certificates of training to persons who have complied with this section and the rules adopted by the department.
  • (d) Collect fees necessary to administer this section.
    (5) Educational training programs required by this section must be conducted by a nationally recognized organization experienced in training laypersons in emergency health treatment or an entity or individual approved by the department. The curriculum must include at a minimum:
  • (a) Recognition of the symptoms of systemic reactions to food, insect stings, and other allergens; and
  • (b) The proper administration of an epinephrine auto-injector.
    Source: The Florida Senate
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