Utah - Chronic Conditions—asthma plan: Policy requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law addresses asthma plan.

Utah Code 53G-9-503 Self-administration of asthma medication

(2) A public school shall permit a student to possess and self-administer asthma medication if:

  • (a) the student's parent or guardian signs a statement:
    • (i) authorizing the student to self-administer asthma medication; and
    • (ii) acknowledging that the student is responsible for, and capable of, self-administering the asthma medication; and
  • (b) the student's health care provider provides a written statement that states:
    • (i) it is medically appropriate for the student to self-administer asthma medication and be in possession of asthma medication at all times; and
    • (ii) the name of the asthma medication prescribed or authorized for the student's use.
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