Washington - Chronic Conditions—asthma plan: Policy requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law addresses asthma plan.

RCW 28A.210.370

(1) The superintendent of public instruction and the secretary of the department of health shall develop a uniform policy for all school districts providing for the in-service training for school staff on symptoms, treatment, and monitoring of students with asthma and on the additional observations that may be needed in different situations that may arise during the school day and during school-sponsored events. The policy shall include the standards and skills that must be in place for in-service training of school staff.
(2) All school districts shall adopt policies regarding asthma rescue procedures for each school within the district.
(3) All school districts must require that each public elementary school and secondary school grant to any student in the school authorization for the self-administration of medication to treat that student's asthma or anaphylaxis, if:

  • (a) A health care practitioner prescribed the medication for use by the student during school hours and instructed the student in the correct and responsible use of the medication;
  • (b) The student has demonstrated to the health care practitioner, or the practitioner's designee, and a professional registered nurse at the school, the skill level necessary to use the medication and any device that is necessary to administer the medication as prescribed;
  • (c) The health care practitioner formulates a written treatment plan for managing asthma or anaphylaxis episodes of the student and for medication use by the student during school hours; and
  • (d) The student's parent or guardian has completed and submitted to the school any written documentation required by the school, including the treatment plan formulated under (c) of this subsection and other documents related to liability.
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