District of Columbia - Chronic Conditions: Policy requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law addresses plans for managing chronic conditions.

Code of the District of Columbia § 38–651.03. Medication action plan.

(a) A valid medication action plan shall include:

  • (1) Written medical authorization, signed by a licensed health practitioner, that states:
    • (A) The name of the student;
    • (B) Emergency contact information for the responsible person, or, if the student is 18 years of age or older, another adult suitable to serve as an emergency contact;
    • (C) Contact information for the licensed health practitioner;
    • (D) The name, purpose, and prescribed dosage of the medication;
    • (E) The frequency that the medication is to be administered;
    • (F) The possible side effects of the medication as listed on the label;
    • (G) Special instructions or emergency procedures; and
    • (H) In the case of self-administered medication, confirmation that the student has been instructed in the proper technique for self-administration of the medication and has demonstrated the ability to self-administer the medication effectively.
      (2) Written authorization, signed by the responsible person, that states:
    • (A) A trained employee or agent of the school may administer medication to the student in accordance with rules established by the Mayor; or
    • (B) In the case of self-administration, the student may possess and self-administer the medication at the school in which the student is currently enrolled, at school-sponsored activities, and while on school-sponsored transportation; and
    • (C) The name of the student may be distributed to appropriate school staff, as determined by the principal; ...
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