Maine - Preventive health screenings in ES—BMI: Standards

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State law addresses body mass index screening or requires height AND weight measurement.

Maine Revised Statutes 20-A 6455 Body mass index data

1. Collection of data. A school nurse or trained screener shall collect body mass index data from students in the school administrative unit in accordance with rules of the Department of Health and Human Services. Data may not be collected from a student whose parent or guardian objects on religious or philosophical grounds.

2. Confidentiality. Except as provided in subsection 3, body mass index data collected pursuant to subsection 1 are confidential and are not subject to disclosure pursuant to Title 1, chapter 131.

3. Reporting of data. A school nurse shall report the data collected under subsection 1 to the Department of Health and Human Services, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Data reported pursuant to this subsection may be reported in the aggregate only and may not identify an individual student.

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