Oregon - Preventive health screenings in ES—dental: Standards

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State law addresses dental screening.

Oregon Revised Statutes 336.213 Dental screenings; reports; rules.

(2)(a) Except as provided in subsection (3) of this section, each education provider shall require a student who is seven years of age or younger and who is beginning an educational program with the education provider for the first time to submit certification that the student received a dental screening within the previous 12 months.

Oregon Revised Statutes 431A.725 Qualifying schools; certification; rules.

Using evidence-based data and best practices, the Oregon Health Authority shall promote oral health throughout this state by ensuring the availability of dental sealant programs to students attending school in this state. To fulfill its duties under this section, the authority shall:

  • (1) Screen, and ensure the provision of dental sealants to, appropriate student populations who attend an elementary school or a middle school in which at least 40 percent of all students attending the school are eligible to receive assistance under the United States Department of Agriculture’s National School Lunch Program.
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