Massachusetts - Preventive health screenings in ES—hearing: Standards

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regulation; statute

State law addresses hearing screening.

Code of Massachusetts Regulations 105 CMR 200.400: Vision and Hearing Screenings

(C) The school committee or board of health shall cause the hearing of each student in the public schools to be screened in the year of school entry and annually through grade 3 (or by age nine in the case of ungraded classrooms), once in grades 6 through 8 (ages 12 through 14 in the case of ungraded classrooms), and once in grades 9 through 12 (ages 15 through 18 in the case of ungraded classrooms). The hearing of each student shall be tested by means-of some form of discrete frequency hearing test such as the Massachusetts Hearing Test or comparable method approved by the Department of Public Health.

General Laws of Massachusetts Chapter 111. Section 67G: Audiometric testing of children; costs

Every person in control of a child who has reached age four shall cause such child to be given a complete pure tone test using conventional audiometric tests at such public schools and by such pediatric audiologists or school testers as are approved and designated by the commissioner. The costs for such examinations shall be borne by the commonwealth. In the event such a child fails such pure tone tests, the tester or pediatric audiologist shall advise the parent or legal guardian to consult the otologist of his choice who is in private practice. If upon examination such otologist recommends further tests, the diagnostic services of the approved hospital centers referred to in section sixty–seven F shall be made available to such children at a cost to be borne by the commonwealth.
General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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