Utah - Preventive health screenings in ES: Standards

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regulation; statute

State law requires a health screening prior to entry (which may or may not specifically include one of the exams listed below).

Utah Code 53G-9-404 Vision Screening

(2) A child under nine years old entering school for the first time in this state must present the following to the school:

  • (a) a certificate signed by a licensed physician, optometrist, or other licensed health professional approved by the office, stating that the child has received vision screening to determine the presence of amblyopia or other visual defects; or
  • (b) a written statement signed by at least one parent or legal guardian of the child that the screening violates the personal beliefs of the parent or legal guardian.

Utah Administrative Code 384-201-4 Students Eligible for Free Screening

The following students in an LEA may receive free vision screenings to include: distance visual acuity and other age appropriate tests that may detect visual problems upon request.

(1) Students entering pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and any student age eight and under entering school for the first time in Utah;
(2) Vision screening may be conducted for all school age children in grades pre-kindergarten through 12. The UDOH and the Division recommend screening students every other year after pre-kindergarten and kindergarten screenings, to include grades 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 or 10 and annually for students with hearing impairment and any student referred by school personnel, parent or self to rule out vision as a reason for learning problems; Utah Office of Administrative Rules

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