Virginia - Preventive health screenings in ES: Standards

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statute; regulation

State law requires a health screening prior to entry (which may or may not specifically include one of the exams listed below).

Code of Virginia 22.1-273. Vision and hearing of student to be tested; exceptions.

F. The principal of each public elementary school shall cause the vision of students enrolled in kindergarten and students enrolled in grade two or grade three to be tested, unless:

    1. Any such student is admitted for the first time to a public elementary school and produces a written record of a comprehensive eye examination performed within the preceding 24 months;
    1. The parents or guardians of such student object on religious grounds and the student shows no obvious evidence of any defect or disease of the eyes; or
    1. Any such student has an Individualized Education Program or a Section 504 Plan that documents a defect of vision or a disease of the eyes and the principal determines that such a test would not identify any previously unknown defect of vision or a disease of the eyes.

Any such screening may be conducted by a qualified nonprofit vision health organization that uses a digital photoscreening method pursuant to a comprehensive vision program or other methods that comply with Department of Education requirements. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, such screenings may be conducted at any time during the school year; however, the scheduling of such screenings shall be completed no later than the sixtieth administrative working day of the school year. The principal shall keep a record of such screenings in accordance with instructions furnished. Whenever a student does not receive a passing result on such screening and requires referral to an optometrist or ophthalmologist for a comprehensive eye examination, the principal shall cause the parent or guardian to be notified in writing. Copies of the report shall be preserved for the use of the Superintendent of Public Instruction as he may require.

Virginia Administrative Code 8 VAC 20-250-10. Testing of Sight and Hearing; Monitoring.

That sight and hearing of pupils in grades K, 3, 7, and 10 be screened within 60 administrative working days of the opening of school. Whenever a pupil is found to have any defect of vision or hearing or a disease of the eyes or ears, the principal shall notify the parent or guardian in writing, of such defect or disease. This screening of pupils will be monitored through the administrative review process.

Code of Virginia 22.1-270. Preschool physical examinations.

A. No pupil shall be admitted for the first time to any public kindergarten or elementary school in a school division unless such pupil shall furnish, prior to admission, (i) a report from a qualified licensed physician, or a licensed nurse practitioner or licensed physician assistant acting under the supervision of a licensed physician, of a comprehensive physical examination of a scope prescribed by the State Health Commissioner performed within the 12 months prior to the date such pupil first enters such public kindergarten or elementary school or (ii) records establishing that such pupil furnished such report upon prior admission to another school or school division and providing the information contained in such report.

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