Rhode Island - Preventive health screenings in HS—dental: Standards

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statute; regulation

State law addresses dental screening.

State of Rhode Island General Laws § 16-21-9. Health examinations and dental screenings – Reports – Records.

(e) Dental screenings for children in kindergarten, third, and ninth grade shall only be performed by a licensed dentist.

Rules and Regulations for School Health Programs

Section 14.0 Dental Health Screening

14.1 Every student who has not been previously enrolled in a public or non-public school in this state shall be given a dental screening by a licensed dentist or a licensed dental hygienist with at least three (3) years of clinical experience. Thereafter, every student shall be given an annual dental screening by a licensed dentist or dental hygienist through the fifth (5th) grade and shall be screened at least once between the sixth (6th) and tenth (10th) grades. Dental hygienists performing the dental screenings pursuant to the provisions of this section shall do so under the general supervision of the dentist liable and responsible under the contract with the community as required under RIGL §16-21-9(b).

[Inactive as of July 2018.]
Source: Rhode Island Secretary of State

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