West Virginia - Preventive health screenings in HS—dental: Standards

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statute; regulation

State law addresses dental screening.

West Virginia Code 18-5-22. Medical and dental inspection; school nurses; specialized health procedures; establishment of council of school nurses.

(a) County boards shall provide proper medical and dental inspections for all pupils attending the schools of their county and have the authority to take any other action necessary to protect the pupils from infectious diseases, including the authority to require from all school personnel employed in their county, certificates of good health and of physical fitness.

Code of State Rules 126-51-5. Health Promotion through School Screenings/Examinations.

5.3. Oral Health:  New enterers in West Virginia public school at first entry of either Pre-K or Kindergarten and all students progressing to grades 2, 7 and 12 should have on file within 45 days of enrollment/entry or prior to the first day of school attendance a record of an oral health examination. The following transition plan will request each new enterer in Pre-K and Kindergarten and all students entering grades 2, 7 and 12 to show proof of an oral health examination:  beginning the school year (SY) 2015/16 all new enterers in Pre-K and Kindergarten; beginning SY 2016/17 all students entering grade 2; beginning SY 2017/18 all students entering grade 7; and beginning SY 2018/19 all students entering grade 12.  All examination forms shall be signed and dated by the student's dentist and completed within the prior 12 calendar months.  If the student does not have proof of an oral health examination during the grade of requirement, the student may be enrolled into the WVDHHR-Oral Health Program's (OHP) Oral Disease Prevention Project. The Oral Health Prevention Project will provide an oral health assessment from a dental provider regardless of the ability to pay if the parent/guardian provides approval/consent for the student to participate.
West Virginia Secretary of State

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