Maine - Preventive health screenings in HS: Standards

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regulation; statute

State law requires a health screening prior to entry (which may or may not specifically include one of the exams listed below).

Code of Maine Rules 05-071-045 Rule for Vision and Hearing Screening in Maine Public Schools

D. Distance vision acuity

  • i. Shall be screened in preschool, kindergarten and grades, 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.

  • ii. The screening tools recommended for preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 unless students know their letters are:

      1. HOTV chart (illuminated preferred, critical line screening is permissible;
      1. LEA SYMBOLS(R) chart (illuminated preferred, critical line screening permissible);
      1. Computer-based screening programs

Maine Revised Statutes 20-A 6451 Health screening

1. Student Right to Screening for Sight and Hearing Defects. Each student shall be screened periodically to determine whether they have sight or hearing defects.

2. Commissioner’s Duties. The commissioner shall:

  • A. After consultation with the Commissioner of Health and Human Services, adopt rules and provide school administrative units with assistance and materials to carry out this subsection;

  • B. Furnish to the administrators of the school administrative units the prescribed directions for the tests of sight and hearing; and

  • C. Furnish test cards, record and report forms and other useful materials for carrying out the purpose of this section.
    Maine State Legislature

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