Nevada - Preventive health screenings in MS—vision: Standards

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State law addresses vision screening.

Nevada Revised Statutes 392.420 Physical examinations of pupils

  1. In each school at which a school nurse is responsible for providing nursing services, the school nurse shall plan for and carry out, or supervise qualified health personnel in carrying out, a separate and careful observation and examination of every child who is regularly enrolled in a grade specified by the board of trustees or superintendent of schools of the school district in accordance with this subsection to determine whether the child has scoliosis, any visual or auditory problem, or any gross physical defect. The grades in which the observations and examinations must be carried out are as follows:
    • (a) For visual and auditory problems:
      • (1) Before the completion of the first year of initial enrollment in elementary school;
      • (2) In at least one additional grade of the elementary schools; and
      • (3) In one grade of the middle or junior high schools and one grade of the high schools;
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