Hawaii - Preventive health screenings in MS: Standards

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State law requires a health screening prior to entry (which may or may not specifically include one of the exams listed below).

Hawaii Revised Statutes §302A-1159 Physical examination required.

(b) Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, every child entering seventh grade shall present to the appropriate school official written documentation from a licensed physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice registered nurse showing completion of a physical examination performed within twelve months before the date of attendance. The department shall send notification of the physical examination requirement to the child’s parents or guardians, upon the child’s entrance into sixth grade, and post the requirement on the department’s website. By December 31 of each year, the department shall provide to the department of health a list of students attending seventh grade who have not submitted appropriate written documentation, along with directory information as allowed under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

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