Wyoming - Preventive health screenings in MS: Standards

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State law recommends preventive screenings.

Wyoming Administrative Rules 206.0002.6 Accreditation

Section 19. Services. All districts shall provide support services. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit school districts and/or schools within a district from providing these support services through partnerships with community agencies. The support services provided for students shall include:

(a) Health/Safety Services. The district shall ensure that students are educated in a safe environment that meets all applicable building, health, safety and environmental codes and standards required by law for all public buildings. (W.S. 21-15-115(a)(i)).

  • (i) The district shall provide an organized program provided by qualified personnel to:
    • (A) Identify potential and existing health problems through routine health screening including:Hearing screening for acuity and otological problems.
      • (II) Vision screening for acuity and color blindness.
    • (B) Immediate and temporary care in case of injury.
    • (C) Provide procedures for referral to other health care providers and community agencies.
    • (D) Provide procedures for confidentiality of all health information.
    • (E) Promote the health and well being of all students. Provide for the safe handling, storage and administration of both prescription and overthe-counter medications.

[In effect for SY2017-2018. Revised as of May 2018.]

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