Alaska - School-based health services: Policy requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law addresses aspects of traditional school-based health services (noted below), but does not formalize a program to aid in the establishment of clinics or health centers on campus for students. Health services provided for may:• Establish a school health board to govern school district health services• Set qualifications and certification required for physicians and health professionals providing school-based health services• Provide financial support for school-based health services• Address community involvement and/or partnership with school-based health services• Provide details as to the type of services provided

7 AAC 115.600. School-based services

(a) The department will enroll an in-state school district as a Medicaid provider of school-based services if the school district meets the requirements of AS 47.07 and 7 AAC 105 - 7 AAC 160 and enters into an agreement with the department as required by AS 47.07.063.

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