Iowa - School-based health services: Policy requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law addresses the development of school-based health centers or clinics, even if only through a grant program on some campuses.

Iowa Administrative Code. 281-41.34 Related Services.

41.34(3) Individual related services terms defined. The terms used in this definition are defined as follows:

  • m. "School health services and school nurse services" means health services that are designed to enable a child with a disability to receive FAPE as described in the child's IEP. School nurse services are services provided by a qualified school nurse. School health services are services that may be provided by either a qualified school nurse or other qualified person.

Iowa Administrative Code. 281-66.4 Program Plan.

66.4(2) Identifying objectives. The following objectives shall be included in the program plan.

  • a. The establishment of a youth services education program located in or near an elementary school, middle school or high school that integrates multiple service providers with children or youth in need of services to assist them to succeed in education programs, to complete high school and be productive workers and contributors to the community.
  • b. Provisions for no less than the minimum education program as defined in Iowa Code section 256.11 and rule 281 -- 12.5(256).
  • c. Flexibility of the education program to accommodate other community-based services such as mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, and health care.
  • d. Career development activities including job training and employment services at the high school level.
  • e. Mental health and family counseling.
  • f. Family involvement activities.
  • g. Preventive and primary health care services.

Iowa Administrative Code. 281-66.1 Scope, Purpose and General Principles.

66.1(3) General principles. School-based youth services programs (SBYSP), at a minimum, may be made available at the elementary school, middle school or high school level, to offer career development services, mental health and family counseling services and preventive and primary health care services in the context of the educational needs of the students. Only school districts or consortiums of districts in cooperation with other service providers may apply for funds to support such programs. The management of the programs may be by a school district or school district consortium or by a nonprofit service organization. All programs must be provided in or near schools to make services accessible to children and youth. Moreover, all programs must be designed for implementation over no less than a four-year period. The inclusion of abortion counseling or the dispensing of contraceptives with these programs is prohibited by Iowa Code section 279.51(3). Budgets for proposed programs will be funded by the state to a maximum of $200,000 per year. Local contributions of at least 20 percent of the total costs of the program are required.

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