Louisiana - School-based health services: Policy requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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statute; regulation

State law addresses the development of school-based health centers or clinics, even if only through a grant program on some campuses.

Louisiana Revised Statutes 31.3. Adolescent school health initiative; health centers in schools

A. The office of public health, Louisiana Department of Health, shall establish an adolescent school health initiativeto facilitate and encourage development of comprehensive health centers in public middle and secondary schools inLouisiana which shall provide preventive health services, counseling, acute health services, and appropriate referral foracute health services. Such initiative shall be subject to the approval of the local school systems.

B. The office of public health shall:

  • (1) Coordinate efforts to facilitate and encourage establishment of health centers in schools by providing information,technical assistance, direction, and, to the extent appropriate, funds to locally based entities for the establishment andoperation of health centers in middle and secondary schools.
  • (2) Convene and participate in an intergovernmental coordinating council which shall be composed of representativesfrom the departments of education, social services, health and hospitals, and other governmental entities or programsrelated to health services to assist in implementation, oversight, and funding assistance for health centers in schools.
  • (3) Apply for and assist local efforts to apply for all available public and private funds to establish and operate health centers in schools.
  • (4) Establish procedures for allocation of funds appropriated or otherwise available to the program in a manner which prioritizes funding according to the urgency and degree of health care needs among the various middle and secondary school populations.
  • (5) Establish criteria to be considered in selection of locations for placement of health centers in schools.

Louisiana Administrative Code 50. XV.9113. Standards of Participation

A. School based health centers must comply with the applicable licensure, certification and program participation standards for all services rendered. The SBHC shall:

    1. maintain an acceptable fiscal record keeping system that readily distinguishes one type of service from another type of service that may be rendered;
    1. retain all records necessary to fully disclose the extent of services provided to recipients for five years from the date of service and furnish such records, and any payments claimed for providing such services, to the Medicaid Program upon request; and
    1. abide by and adhere to all federal and state regulations and policy manuals.

B. The SBHC shall provide comprehensive primary medical and social services, as well as health education, promotion and prevention services to meet the physical health needs of students enrolled in the SBHC in the context of their family, culture and environment.

C. School based health centers shall acquire written parental consent in order to enroll a student as a patient.

D. The SBHC and all partners involved in service delivery must adhere to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy policies and procedures.

E. The SBHC must be enrolled as an EPSDT services provider in addition to enrollment for providing any other services.

Source: Louisiana Division of Administration

Louisiana Administrative Code 50. XV.9111. Provider Qualifications

A. The SBHC classification must be verified by the Office of Public Health, Adolescent School Health Program when applying for a Medicaid provider number.

    1. Documentation of this verification must be provided upon request.

Source: Louisiana Division of Administration

Louisiana Administrative Code 50.XV.9101 Purpose

A. The Adolescent School Health Initiative Act of 1991 authorized the development of an adolescent school based health initiative to facilitate and encourage the provision of comprehensive health centers in public middle and secondary schools.
B. School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) provide convenient access to preventive and primary health care services for students who might otherwise have limited or no access to health care, and meet the physical health needs of adolescents at their school sites.

Source: Louisiana Division of Administration

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