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Policy Or Plan Requirements
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statute; regulation

State law addresses aspects of traditional school-based health services (noted below), but does not formalize a program to aid in the establishment of clinics or health centers on campus for students. Health services provided for may:• Establish a school health board to govern school district health services• Set qualifications and certification required for physicians and health professionals providing school-based health services• Provide financial support for school-based health services• Address community involvement and/or partnership with school-based health services• Provide details as to the type of services provided


(a) A school district in this state may, if the district identifies the need, design a model in accordance with this subchapter for the delivery of cooperative health care programs for students and their families and may compete for grants awarded under this subchapter. The model may provide for the delivery of conventional health services and disease prevention of emerging health threats that are specific to the district.
(b) On the recommendation of an advisory council established under Section 38.058, a school district may establish a school-based health center at one or more campuses in the district to meet the health care needs of students and their families.

Texas Education Code Sec. 38.054. CATEGORIES OF SERVICES.

(a) The permissible categories of services are:

  • (1) family and home support;
  • (2) health care, including immunizations;
  • (3) dental health care;
  • (4) health education; and
  • (5) preventive health strategies.

Texas Administrative Code Title 25 RULE §37.538 Standards for School-Based Health Centers

(a) Funded applicants shall comply with the following standards for school-based health centers.

  • (1) Community-based solutions. The funded applicant shall facilitate collaboration among families, schools, and members of the community to assess and meet the health needs of the community's children and families. The funded applicant shall utilize all the following strategies for facilitating community-based solutions:
    • (A) Establish or utilize a local school health advisory council per Education Code, Title 2, Chapter 28, § 28.004 to make recommendations on the establishment and operation of school-based health centers and to assist the district in ensuring that local community values are reflected in the operation of each center and in the provision of health education.
    • (B) Establish and/or enhance links between school personnel, school-based health center personnel, other health/social services providers and agencies in the community, and other supportive community sectors.
    • (C) Enable students and families to be responsible decision-makers in promoting their own health and well-being, making connections with community systems that help to prevent the social isolation and alienation of individuals and families, and using the health care system wisely.
    • (D) Require parental involvement in and management of the health care of children receiving services from the center; encourage parental accompaniment of any child younger than 18 years of age at visits to the center; notify the child's parent at least one week in advance or as early as possible of the scheduled appointment; and encourage the parent to attend the appointment.
  • (2) Administration. The funded applicant shall plan and administer a school-based health center that meets the health needs of the community's children and families by use of the following strategies...
    Source: Office of the Secretary of State
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