Alabama - School nurse availability: Standard

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State law addresses school nurses in one of the following ways:• At least 1 nurse will be available throughout the district, but not in every school• At least 1 nurse will be available, but not across all grades• School nurses are available on campus, but not every day or not at all times during the school day• School district is required to employ a school nurse, but not each individual school

Code of Alabama 16-22-16 Registered nurses required.

(c) The allotment of school nurses shall be distributed so that each school system shall receive one registered nurse and an additional nurse or nurses or fraction of a nursing allocation based upon the average daily membership during the first 20 scholastic days after Labor Day of the preceding school year.
(d) Each local school superintendent shall designate one registered nurse for the entire school system whose responsibilities shall include annually providing a full and comprehensive assessment of all student health needs within that system. Based upon the assessment findings, the designated nurse shall make a recommendation to the local school superintendent concerning the implementation and coordination of student health needs.

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