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State law addresses school nurses in one of the following ways:• At least 1 nurse will be available throughout the district, but not in every school• At least 1 nurse will be available, but not across all grades• School nurses are available on campus, but not every day or not at all times during the school day• School district is required to employ a school nurse, but not each individual school

Education Consolidated Laws Section 902

  1. a. The board of education, and the trustee or board of trustees of each school district, shall employ, at a compensation to be agreed upon by the parties, a qualified physician, or a nurse practitioner to the extent authorized by the nurse practice act and consistent with subdivision three of section six thousand nine hundred two of this chapter, to perform the duties of the director of school health services, including any duties conferred on the school physician or school medical inspector under any provision of law, to perform and coordinate the provision of health services in the public schools and to provide health appraisals of students attending the public schools in the city or district. The physicians or nurse practitioners so employed shall be duly licensed pursuant to applicable law.

b. Any such board or trustees may employ one or more school nurses, who shall be registered professional nurses, as well as other health professionals, as may be required. Such registered professional nurses and other health professionals shall aid the director of school health services of the district and shall perform such duties, including health instruction for the benefit of the public schools as may be prescribed by such board or trustees, in compliance with each such health professional’s practice act.

8 CRR-NY 136.2

(b) ...School health services shall include the services of a registered professional nurse, if one is employed, and shall also include such services as may be rendered as provided herein in examining students for the existence of disease or disability and in testing the eyes and ears of such students.
Source: New York Codes, Rules and Regulations

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