Pennsylvania - School nurse availability: Standard

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State law addresses school nurses in one of the following ways:• At least 1 nurse will be available throughout the district, but not in every school• At least 1 nurse will be available, but not across all grades• School nurses are available on campus, but not every day or not at all times during the school day• School district is required to employ a school nurse, but not each individual school

The Pennsylvania Code § 23.51. Children to be provided nursing services.

A child in private, parochial and public schools shall be provided with school nurse services in the school which the child attends.

Pennsylvania Unconsolidated Statutes Article XIV Section 1402. Health Services.

(a.1) Every child of school age shall be provided with school nurse services: Provided, however, That the number of pupils under the care of each school nurse shall not exceed one thousand five hundred (1,500).
Pennsylvania General Assembly

The Pennsylvania Code § 23.52. Administration.

The school nurse services shall be provided through the public school system and the administration of this service shall be the responsibility of the public school administrator in consultation, as needed, with the private or parochial school administrator.

Pennsylvania Unconsolidated Statutes Article XIV Section 1410. Employment of School Health Personnel.

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this article, all school districts alone or jointly with other districts or joint school boards shall employ school physicians and school dentists but only with the approval of the Secretary of Health, and shall compensate them on a basis agreed upon by the school physician or school dentist and the employing district orjoint school board, and shall employ one or more school nurses.
Pennsylvania General Assembly

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