Wisconsin - School nurse availability: Standard

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statute; regulation

State law addresses school nurses in one of the following ways:• At least 1 nurse will be available throughout the district, but not in every school• At least 1 nurse will be available, but not across all grades• School nurses are available on campus, but not every day or not at all times during the school day• School district is required to employ a school nurse, but not each individual school

Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations 120.13 School board powers.

(11) NURSES AND DENTISTS. Employ qualified public health nurses, school nurses, registered nurses and licensed dentists who shall cooperate with the local board of health, as defined in s. 250.01 (3), and the department of health services.

Wisconsin Administrative Code PI 8.01 School district standards.

(g) Emergency nursing services. Each school district board shall provide emergency nursing services under a written policy adopted and implemented by the school district board which meets all of the following requirements.

    1. The emergency nursing policies shall be developed by a professional nurse or nurses registered in Wisconsin in cooperation with other school district personnel and representatives from community health agencies and services as may be designated by the board.
    1. Policies for emergency nursing services shall include protocols for dealing with pupil accidental injury, illness and administration of medication at all school sponsored activities including but not limited to curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and a method to record each incident of service provided.
    1. Arrangements shall be made with a licensed physician to serve as medical advisor for the emergency nursing service.
      Wisconsin State Legislature
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