Rhode Island - School nurse qualifications: Staff qualifications and professional development

Staff Qualifications And Professional Development
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State law requires or recommends that all school nurses be properly certified by the state.

State of Rhode Island General Laws § 16-21-8. Certified nurse-teacher.

Each school system shall employ certified nurse-teacher personnel certified by the state department of elementary and secondary education; provided, however, that this section shall not apply to those school districts which are currently allowed to share certified nurse-teacher personnel by the department of elementary and secondary education. The school health program as defined in § 16-21-7 shall only be staffed by certified personnel.

State of Rhode Island General Laws § 16-21-7. School health.

(a) All schools that are approved for the purpose of §§ 16-19-1 and 16-19-2 shall have a school health program that shall be approved by the state director of the department of health and the commissioner of elementary and secondary education or the commissioner of higher education, as appropriate. The program shall provide for the organized direction and supervision of a healthful school environment, health education, and services. The program shall include and provide, within and consistent with existing school facilities, for the administration of nursing care by certified nurse teachers, as defined in § 16-21-8, as shall be requested, in writing, by the attending physician of any student and authorized, in writing, by the parent or legal guardian of the student. No instruction in the characteristics, symptoms, and the treatment of disease shall be given to any child whose parent or guardian shall present a written statement signed by them stating that the instructions should not be given the child because of religious beliefs.

Rules and Regulations for School Health Programs

Section 2.0 General Requirements

2.3 Each community, school district and appropriate non-public school authority (e.g., the superintendent, the headmaster, or the principal) shall be responsible to provide an adequate number of personnel for a school health program (health education, health services and environmental health) in accordance with the statutory requirements and the requirements of these Regulations.

  • 2.3.1 Such personnel shall include no less than a school physician, dentist, certified school nurse-teacher and personnel as set forth in §3.3 of these Regulations.

[Inactive as of July 2018.]
Source: Rhode Island Secretary of State

Rules and Regulations for School Health Programs

Section 8.0 School Personnel

8.3 Certified school nurse-teacher personnel shall be certified by the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and licensed as registered nurses in accordance with § 1.7 of these Regulations.

[Inactive as of July 2018.]
Source: Rhode Island Secretary of State

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