West Virginia - School nurse qualifications: Staff qualifications and professional development

Staff Qualifications And Professional Development
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statute; regulation

State law requires or recommends that all school nurses be properly certified by the state.

West Virginia Code 18-5-22. Medical and dental inspection; school nurses; specialized health procedures; establishment of council of school nurses.

( c ) Any person employed as a school nurse must be a registered professional nurse properly licensed by the West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses in accordance with article seven, chapter thirty of this code.

Code of State Rules 126-25A-9. Staffing Requirements

9.1 Certified school nurse RNs must be employed in sufficient numbers to ensure adequate provision of services to students with complex health care needs. Registered nurses have the authority and the ability to teach and to supervise other persons in rendering selected health services and/or procedures.

9.2. The certified school nurse RN must have a current license as a registered professional nurse in the State of West Virginia (W. Va. Code § 30-7-1 et seq.). The school nurse must be certified as a school nurse as set forth in Policy 5202. The certified school nurse RN must be employed by the county board of education or the county health department (W. Va. Code § 18-5-22) which contracts to provide equivalent services to boards of education. Performance of professional nursing service means both independent nursing functions and health related services which require specialized knowledge, judgment, and skills as governed by the West Virginia Nurse Practice Act (W. Va. Code § 30-7-1 et seq.) and the National Association of School Nurses, Inc. "Scope and Standards of Professional School Nursing Practice".
West Virginia Secretary of State

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