Arizona - Vaccination Waiver: Policy requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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regulation; statute

State law allows waivers for religious or moral reasons.

Arizona Administrative Code R9-6-706 Exemption from Immunizations

E. For a child attending a school, a parent or guardian shall submit to the school a written statement of exemption from immunization for personal beliefs as required in A.R.S. § 15-873(A)(1) or written certification of medical exemption as required in A.R.S. § 15-873(A)(2) on a form provided by the Department that contains:

    1. The child’s name;
    1. The child’s date of birth;
    1. The type of exemption requested;
    1. The immunizations from which the parent or guardian is requesting an exemption;
    1. Whether the medical exemption is permanent or temporary, if applicable;
    1. The date the medical exemption terminates, if applicable;
    1. The parent or guardian’s signature and the date signed; and
    1. The physician’s or registered nurse practitioner’s signature and the date signed, if applicable.

Arizona Revised Statues 15-873 Exemptions; nonattendance during outbreak

A. Documentary proof is not required for a pupil to be admitted to school if one of the following occurs:

    1. The parent or guardian of the pupil submits a signed statement to the school administrator stating that the parent or guardian has received information about immunizations provided by the department of health services and understands the risks and benefits of immunizations and the potential risks of nonimmunization and that due to personal beliefs, the parent or guardian does not consent to the immunization of the pupil.
      Arizona State Legislature
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