Oregon - Vaccination Waiver: Policy requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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regulation; statute

State law allows waivers for religious or moral reasons.

Oregon Administrative Rules 333-050-0050

(12) A nonmedical exemption from immunization requirement is allowed for one or more of the vaccines. Parents claiming a nonmedical exemption must select which vaccines a child is being exempted from by checking the appropriate boxes on the Certificate of Immunization Status and submit the Certificate of Immunization status and the documentation specified in OAR 333-050-0040(12)(a)(C) or 333-050-0040(12)(b)(B) to the school or facility.

Oregon Administrative Rules 333-050-0020

(1) The purpose of these rules is to implement ORS 433.235 through 433.284, which require evidence of immunization, a medical or nonmedical exemption, or immunity documentation for each child as a condition of attendance in any school or facility, and which require exclusion from school or facility attendance until such requirements are met.

(2) The intent of the school and facility immunization statutes and these rules is to require that:

  • (a) A new enterer provide a signed and dated Certificate of Immunization Status form documenting evidence of immunization, documentation of medical or nonmedical exemption, or immunity documentation.

Oregon Administrative Rules 333-050-0020

(6) Nothing prohibits a school, children's facility, or post-secondary educational institution from adopting additional or more stringent requirements than the statutes or rules as long as:

  • (a) Medical and nonmedical exemptions and immunity documentation are included;

Oregon Revised Statutes 433.267 Immunization of school children; rules; exceptions; effect of failure to comply.

(c) A document, on a form prescribed by the authority by rule and signed by the parent of the child, stating that the parent is declining one or more immunizations on behalf of the child. A document submitted under this paragraph:

  • (A) May include the reason for declining the immunization, including whether the parent is declining the immunization because of a religious or philosophical belief; and
  • (B) Must include either:
    • (i) A signature from a health care practitioner verifying that the health care practitioner has reviewed with the parent information about the risks and benefits of immunization that is consistent with information published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the contents of the vaccine educational module approved by the authority pursuant to rules adopted under ORS 433.273; or
    • (ii) A certificate verifying that the parent has completed a vaccine educational module approved by the authority pursuant to rules adopted under ORS 433.273.
      Source: Oregon State Legislature
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