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Policy Or Plan Requirements
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regulation; statute

State law addresses vaccinations.

Arizona Administrative Code R9-6-702 Required Immunizations for Child Care or School Entry

A. Except as provided in R9-6-706, the school administrator or child care administrator shall:

    1. Ensure that a child attending a school or child care has been immunized for each of the following diseases according to Table 1 or Table 2:
      • a. Diphtheria;
      • b. Tetanus;
      • c. Hepatitis A, for a child 1 through 5 years of age in child care in Maricopa County;
      • d. Hepatitis B;
      • e. Pertussis;
      • f. Poliomyelitis;
      • g. Measles (rubeola);
      • h. Mumps;
      • i. Rubella (German Measles);
      • j. Haemophilus influenzae type b;
      • k. Varicella; and
      • l. Meningococcal; and
    1. If a child does not have proof of immunization according to Table 1 or Table 2, exclude the child from:
      • a. School entry; or
      • b. Child care, unless the child is immunized against the diseases listed in subsection (A)(1) within 15 days following entry.

Arizona Revised Statues 15-872 Proof of immunization; noncompliance; notice to parents; civil immunity

B. A pupil shall not be allowed to attend school without submitting documentary proof to the school administrator unless the pupil is exempted from immunization pursuant to section 15-873.
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