District of Columbia - Breakfast at school: Policy requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law requires specific strategies to ensure all students eat breakfast.

Code of the District of Columbia § 38–822.03. Additional requirements for public school meals.

(a)(1)Public schools, public charter schools, and participating private schools shall offer free breakfast to all students.

  • (2) If more than 40% of the students at a school qualify for free or reduced-price meals:
    • (A) A public elementary school, public charter elementary school, and participating private elementary school shall offer breakfast in the classroom each day;
    • (B) A public middle and high school, public charter middle and high school, and participating private middle and high school shall offer alternative serving models, such as breakfast in the classroom or grab-and-go carts, in one or more locations with high student traffic, other than the cafeteria, each day to increase breakfast participation; and
    • (C) The requirements of this paragraph shall not apply to a public school or a public charter school in which the school’s current breakfast participation rate, without breakfast-in-the-classroom, exceeds 75% of its average daily attendance.
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