Outline of the state of Arkansas
Requires nutrition standards for class parties

Class Parties—ES

Class Parties—ES

State law requires nutrition standards for class parties.

Arkansas Administrative Rules 005.01.008 Nutrition and Physical Activity Standard

8.01.2 During the school day, all schools may serve or provide food or beverages that are compliant with Smart Snacks regulations. This includes competitive foods provided by school administrators or school non-licensed or licensed staff (principals, coaches, teachers, club sponsors, etc.), students or student groups, parents or parent groups, or any other person, company, or organization associated with the school site.

  • The school district shall maintain documentation that all food and/or beverages comply by utilizing the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Smart Snacks Calculator, including a copy of the Smart Snacks Calculator product compliance screen and a copy of the nutrition fact label of the product.

  • Outside of meal service, schools shall limit the number of servings per day to one per student.

  • Food and beverages provided under Section 8.01.2 shall not be available in the food service area during meal service.

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