Georgia - Competitive foods—HS: Federal requirement

Federal Requirement
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State law requires that food and beverages sold outside of school meal program meet federal Smart Snacks nutrition standards.

Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia Rule 160-5-6-.01 Statewide School Nutrition Program


  • (a) Each local board of education shall through policy or administrative procedure maximize student participation and quality meals in the school nutrition program by providing the following:
      1. Participation by all schools in a state-approved nutrition program.
      1. A policy regarding the sale of competitive foods which includes the following, at a minimum:
        • (i) Adherence to Public Law 11 - 296, The Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act of 2010 regarding exempt fundraisers; and
        • (ii) Prohibitions from the sale of foods that do not meet the federal criteria:
        • (I) During the school day; and
        • (II) On the school campus.
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